On This Day in Hip Hop – Notorious BIG Released Ready to Die

On this day and hip-hop history we go back to the date September 13, 1994. Would like to pay homage to the golden era of hip-hop, and this album was released during the pinnacle of the golden era. The golden era refers to a time during hip hop music, circa. 1992-1997 depending on which circle of hip hop enthusiast you are asking. “Ready To Die” was released and immediately hit critical acclaim and eventually crossed over into mainstream Billboard charts and eventually sold platinum four times. At a time when rap videos were confined to certain shows on MTV, the Notorious BIG was able to make a huge splash in MTV programming, getting complete episodes dedicated to a day in the life of Biggie Smalls, his alias, and even earning him cameos on nationally televised sitcoms such as Martin, In Living Color and more.

Interestingly enough the album was released during a time when West Coast or gangsta rap was dominating the US charts. In the early 90’s artists like Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Ice-T and a slew of other West Coast artists were selling more copies of their music worldwide than rock musicians Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith. There was a big change from the early days of rap, which was created in New York, and the influence that West Coast rappers had at the time not only impacted rap music, but music in general.

Notorious B.I.G. was able to release an album and in essence sway the popularity of East Coast hip-hop back into the public eye. Along with a few commercial hits such as “Juicy”, “Big Poppa” and “One More Chance” he also enjoyed several successful cameos with other underground artists and popular R&B musician such as his wife Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, and Mary J Blige.

Even though the stories are not related it only makes sense to pay homage to what was then known as his professional arrival. Even though the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur shared a friendship early on in their careers they later entered into a very public and bitter feud. Both artists would be gunned down before they could reconcile and would leave surviving members of their record labels to find peace in order to evade the same early fate. Both artists have been, and will continue to be deeply missed. One can only wonder what hip hop would be like if they were still alive and recording music today.


September 13 is a very important day and hip-hop history not only for the classic album that was released by Biggie, but also for the death of a very legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur. We hate to have dedicated this entire post to artists that are no longer with us, because it means that there’s an issue that needs to be addressed with regard to why rappers are getting gunned down. We hope that pat of this wonderful culture changes with the next generation. But it just seems to go with the lifestyle and the culture and we hate to admit it, but we still love the rap game. So today we’re going to be playing a lot of songs from both of these great artist and hopefully we will stumble across some unreleased music we never heard before. If we do, you can bet that we will share the love with you guys, stay tuned.


20 Years of Tupac Legacy

Tupac Amaru Shakur was born June 16, 1971 and passed away on September 13, 1996 when he was gunned down in Las Vegas following a Mike Tyson fight.


Tupac and his executive producer and label owner Suge Knight were attending a boxing match with at the MGM Grand. That night, Tupac got into a confrontation with one of the gangsters from a gang from Compton California and assaulted him. Several other members of Tupacs crew, members of Death Row Records and his security beat the kid up pretty badly. The gangster that was assaulted on video was identified as Orlando Anderson, who was immediately upset about the assault and called some of his OG gangster Uncle’s to help him plan and commit the murder of Tupac Shakur in an act of revenge.

Tupac leaves behind a legacy that has continued up to create rumors that have been going on as to if he is dead or alive. There are conspiracy theories that suggest that he is still living in Cuba. There are other theories that suggest that he knew he was going to be killed, which is why he produced so much music in his final days. There were also rumors that allude to the fact that he has provided subliminal messages in his final studio album the “Don Makaveli: The Seven Day Theory.”


In addition to releasing what went to be one of the highest selling albums of rap history, “All Eyez On Me” he has also left behind a legacy and mystique that has been glamorized and continually attained by rappers today. It’s interesting how Tupac passed away 20 years ago and he is still getting the respect of an artist that has changed the dynamic about hip-hop in mainstream media. One has to consider that this guy was on such a superstar, that at one time, Madonna, who was also one of the highest selling artist of her era, was deeply in love with this guy and followed him around to interviews.

In addition to being a talented musician Tupac was known to be a talented actor. He studied at the Baltimore school of arts when he was a kid and was able to master his craft by getting into some very high profile films. Crazy to think about it, my friends and I were listening to his music in high school, and we were not interested in any type of performing arts. As nerdy as we might have thought that was as teenagers, we might have still defended his coolness for being the only guy who can be in acting classes and still be a gangster. His debut on the big screen was in the movie Juice where he played Bishop, which was one of the most sinister villains in modern cinema. His second film was accompanied by Janet Jackson in a film directed by John Singleton, named Poetic Justice.

Beyond what he would do on film and in music and media he would go on to inspire a generation of professors and students who would come together to collaborate a Tupac studies course at the University of Harvard and there are even poetry classes given in the inspirational thought process given by Tupac Shakur from the book, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete.”


Binary Star? Here?

Dude? Do you remember binary star? Do you even know what a binary star is?

As told by the wise and seasoned prophet/ dopiest MC to ever hit the state of Michigan; One Be Lo, he once said that, “binary stars is when two stars revolve around each other at such an incredibly fast rate that they appear to be one star. But once you taken a microscopic or telescopic view at the stars you actually see that there to moving in the same circumference area.” That philosophy in mind should be explanation in itself to make you see why it was easy to become automatic fans of the dynamic duo of emcees, Binary Star. The group consists of two emcees One Be Lo Molique I.

Of the 21 tracks there on the album I’m gonna talk about three specific songs I really like the most, that really get me amped and ready to go out and take care of things in the day.

Number one is “Sling Blade” This track was produced by Dekompose back in 2000,  so it feels like ancient history talking about this album, but the lessons that are spit in the verses are enough to make you pay attention and realize where you are and how your current life may need enhancement.

The next song is “Masters of the Universe” which is another track made by Dekompose and it’s an interesting play on words that he’s a composer that decomposes beads and makes the most amazing shit that we’ve ever heard. The word around the rumor mill is that Dekompose got smart with his money and invested in a few companies in Los Angeles.

And even though it’s the first song on the album is the last one we want to address for the simple fact it is the dopest shit that Binary Star may have ever produced. This song is produced by One Be Lo, who’s actually one of the emcees on the track. He starts the song love with an energy that propels you to go into different atmosphere and let you know what’s about to come when verse two drops.

No spoilers here just go listen to the track by checking it out on YouTube, or even better just go buy it on iTunes. As always be sure to tune in next blog post, or you can easily subscribe so that you’ll be notified every time we post something new.

Warpaint New Album

The band Warpaint has finally released another album since 2014. The last album they released consisted of different band members like Jenny Lee Lindberg and Emily Kukol. But since then they have grown to employee new musicians in the band.

The new album is named “Heads Up”. You can take a look at the new song by listening to the track on YouTube here or you can take our advice for it. On this project warpaint decided to collaborate with producer Jacob Virocici and has allowed the group to expand their musical diverse city into a whole new world which produces a project that is worth listening to, even if at least once.

The album consists of 11 songs. I have to admit that each one affected me in a different way.
Track one is named “Wideout” is amazing is a definite good smoking tune. Track to by your side is nothing reminiscent of the Sade song but has a whole new appeal on relationships and loyalty. Track three, “New song” talks about the differences between how mature people evolve in the mist of a break up in a relationship and they apply the title of new song to a undeserving love you

Track four is an amazing reminiscent throwback to their debut album. The song is smooth and easy as one would expect there digestive tract, or their plumbing to move. In fact, we got the recommendation to listen to this album from the guy who runs a plumbing company. Check them out at www.plumbingservicespasadena.com.

Track 10 is a song that deserves listening to before we ruin it for you. We don’t want to put any bias on what the song means to us but you can take your own interpretation of it and what it may mean something different to every listener.

It goes without saying that Warpaint will always deliver. What else can we say that you don’t already know: the band is eclectic as ever, the music and the sound is always pushing the limits, and I hope to hear more projects but we don’t want to wait another two years for Warpaint to drop another album.

New Album Review – Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad has recently released his second full length in studio album on Top Dog Entertainment.

This album titled The Sun’s Tirade comes on the heels of his 2014 EP named the Cilvia Demo. Now, that album was classic and is still in heavy rotation to this day. The Cilvia Demo featured a lot of production from the in-house producers known as Digi+Phonics. But it seems that Isaiah Rashad chose to go a different direction on this album, and sourced most of his beats from his own selection of producers not on the label.

The label has been teasing listeners by dropping a few singles here and there. They first leaked the song in late July only to officially acknowledge the release on Aug 7th, with a YouTube video released on August 10. The lead single “Free Lunch” was produced by an up-and-coming producing named Cam O’bi. “Free Lunch” is a smooth mellow track that could’ve been released as an R&B song, but Rashad rode the beat perfectly and made it something else instead.

He then followed up with the release of “Park” which was a little more Southern with sound, but his lyrics are still so universal, it brings you into his world of Chattanooga. The second single was produced by Park Avenue and D Sanders.

The album starts with a track name where you at which is basically just a interlude that was produced by Top Dog Entertainment label president and general manager Dave free.

Fourth track on the album is a song name Rope/Rose Gold which is another collaboration with the Antydotee who did a lot of production on the Isaiah Rashad Cilvia Demo. This also features the lyrics of a new and upcoming rapper name SiR.

The fifth album on the track his name “Wut’s Wrong” featuring an up-and-coming wrapper name Zachari and lyrics by Kendrick Lamar. This is another record also produced by D Sanders.

Track seven is a track named “B-day” featuring Deacon Blues and Kari Fox those who don’t know, Kari Fox is a rapper from Little Rock, Arkansas and she is something to watch for, and we will probably talk more about her in the future as one of the taste makers that is bubbling in the pot.

Track nine is Tittys and Dollars featuring High Augustine, and vocals from Jay Rock and is produced by new producer in Crooklin and an unknown dude named Pops.

The lovely and beautiful SZA collaborates again with Isaiah On Stuck in The Mud. It’s always great to hear this dynamic duo go back-and-forth whether there collaborating on a track equally, or if Isaiah is leading the vocals or if it’s in Isaiah track with SZA in the background. Something special about their voices just seem to go well together and it’s always great to hear them on any piece of work.

Track 11 is A Lot, he goes back to his country routes and has a track produced by Mike Will Made It. The beat goes hard the lyrics are incredible and Isaiah gets really into some deep details about his life on this one.

“AA” as the title implies is a  song that talks about his struggle with alcoholism. He recently disclosed that he had been struggling with addictions to painkillers and alcohol, and so now that he’s been going to the classes he seems like he seems to be doing better and he talks about the struggle in the song. Very brave move on his part.

Truck 14 is another track produced by the Antydote and another producer named Carter Lane. Rashad goes hard on this one, also talking about some very personal things, and it never gets old hearing Isaiah get that deep and that real.

The Outro by George sounds like a dedication to George Clinton, but I can’t really make sense of it just yet. The song is beautiful, and it’s produced by a new cat named Jowin whose name I’ve seen and heard circulating around in the underground but this was the first time that I’ve actually heard anything by the name, and so far I’m impressed with what I heard.

So far the album is dope I think it might be one of the best releases of TDE since TPAB. It doesn’t really matter what I have to say, because their catalogs and continued label mates just makes Top Dog Entertainment unreachable again. The label really seems to have a steady handle on the industry and is really making other emcees and producers step their game up.

The Sun’s Tirade is available on Spotify, and you can even buy the album on iTunes.

manic sun's tirade

Skip The Mundane

So most lame blogs that we restart with your high welcome to the page blah blah blah bullshit. We’re not gonna do that on this page because we’re completely unorthodox in every way and we want to make sure that we leave a lasting impact with the first post. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a typical opening post, then I don’t know what else does. But you found this page whether on accident or on purpose because you’re destined to.

You’re somebody who either by faith or by sight has completely given up on the concepts of the normal constructs of entertainment for the masses. Mass consumption only increases mass production of garbage. And a lot of the stuff that we see on TV, hear on the radio, or see on the Internet, just doesn’t move us in the same way that it seems to move everybody else.

If I’m speaking to you, or if you got goosebumps as you’re reading that, then that means that you’re in the right place. Because, at manic cough you’re going to be dealing with some of the people who are the influencers of the people that influence the people who have no influence. That’s right, this is the site that is actually getting feedback from your favorite artists, favorite artist.

Which is why we were able to talk about some of the things that most blogs won’t discuss. Not because they don’t want to share a more insightful, honest, and artistic aspect of the entertainment industry, it’s just because they don’t want to. They don’t think that you want to know. Hell, some of those major publications don’t even think you’re smart enough to deserve it. Fuck, that. It’s easy for those guys to build tabloid websites that talk about gossip and drama between celebrities.

That’s not gonna do much for the brain.

We like to focus on the artistic aspects of all things whether it’s music, movies, food, beer, weed, gardening, lifestyle, health, politics, traveling…. should I really keep going? Man, we even like to read a book or two every now and then. I’ll get someone to recommend some for you guys.

The internet has led you here for a reason, and you’ll find yourself in good company my friends. Just hang out a little bit take a look at some of the other links from some of the supporters and like-minded people and you’ll get a better understanding of what to expect in the coming post.